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What made my heart flutter this February...

Since moving to England, I've usually found February to be a little bit of an 'eh' month. You know, the kind that passes by with no real excitement; Christmas is a distant memory, so the cold is no longer fun, and my reputation as a writer and communications expert is threatened every time I stumble through the nonsensical spelling of the awful month itself.


Falling in love with Lisbon

As someone who grew up in a country where the next capital city is a 12 hour drive away—and the biggest cultural difference is which footy team the locals support—I always found the idea of a continental city break nothing short of a dream.

Shamefully though, after three years of living in the U.K, I hadn't been on a single one…well... not properly, at least. Sure, I've travelled. But not in the way of how I envision a true city break to be—little sleep, some sights, and a lot of enjoying it like a local.