A day of inspiration at Stylist Live


I was late to the Stylist bandwagon. Not just because I didn’t live in the UK until two years ago, but because, shamefully, I was always of the impression that nothing of value could be sitting between the pages being waved in my face by a tube-dwelling touter every Wednesday morning. 

All that changed last year when I was lucky enough to be a part of a project called 10 women, 10 stories, where we created an anthology of tales from powerfully inspiring women who had previously won a Women of the Future Award.

One of the women featured was Lisa Smosarski, Editor of Stylist. Her recollection of being a young girl dreaming about being a writer resonated with me. As did her desire to produce a magazine that the new generation of women would identify with; not just men, fashion and gossip—but career development, travel and current affairs.

In Stylist, I find a community of like-minded women—one where we are spoken to intelligently and openly. So, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Stylist hold an annual live event, where this community can transition from living in the pages of a magazine to real-life interaction.

I treated myself to an early-bird VIP ticket and, upon arriving at the venue, was immediately assured that it was money well spent.


To start my day right, I was treated to a delicious Pip & Nut creation—berries and all—before having my portrait painted by the incredibly talented Poppy Waddilove.


Next up was the fashion show, where I was lucky enough to sit front row.


Evocative of the style pages of the magazine, the Stylist catwalk, sponsored by Swarovski, was filled with pieces that were as on-trend as they are accessible.

As long limbs strode past, we were taken on a journey that explored everything from an autumnal-inspired spice market to a futuristic world full of metallics.


With the show coming to an end and beautiful textures and colours on the mind, it was time to shop.


As someone with a penchant for truly unique products and boutiques, I was thrilled to see Not on the High Street, who is all too familiar with my credit card, showcasing some of it’s beautiful gifts and home wares.


A few isles over, Hopscotch, creators of hand-made soy candles, stole my heart with their Fig + Melon concoction.


After a quick stop-by Urban Decay to pick up an old favourite and mentally adding a MU DU London hat and Starkeys Lane botanical print to my Christmas wish list, it was back to VIP for some complimentary Chambord cocktails and sweet treats. 


As usual, my fondness for documenting everything I do meant a phone re-charge was vital. I found a seat, and made some new friends, at the charging station—which also created the perfect environment for a mini digital detox with some colouring in.


A session called ‘How to write your first novel… and actually finish it’ with best-selling author and actress, Janet Ellis, left me eager to put pen to paper (watch this space) and was yet another reminder of the power of shared ideas.


From coding master classes to panel discussions about confidence, and hair treatments to independent boutiques, Stylist Live truly does have something to inspire all. I for one am already counting down to next year—hope to see you there!